7 Magical Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica for Best Results

Costa Rica is a paradise of stunning scenery and calming energy. It boasts a multitude of wonderful national parks, lush jungles, and mesmerizing coastlines. That’s why yoga retreats in Costa Rica are highly recommended because of it’s perfect spot for people who wish to relax and temporarily escape from the chaos of urban life.

Man doing Yoga pose in a fantastic locations for yoga retreats in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a life-altering experience, yoga in Costa Rica might just be the thing for you. Every retreat offers something distinct, whether you’re looking to push your limits or just to relax. These retreats are not only about fitness, but also a home away from home. You’ll get to know fellow yoga enthusiasts and connect with the environment, give yourself up to freedom and clear your mind. If you’re looking for the ultimate yoga retreats in Costa Rica, you’re in luck – you’ve got plenty of options!

How to Pick Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica?

There are many factors to consider when picking a location for a yoga retreat, particularly given the pleasant Costa Rican climate. Aside from Costa Rica, you can also try this 7-day retreat in Bulgaria.


Location is crucial. Where you stay in Costa Rica will significantly affect your experience, just like it does whenever you plan a holiday anywhere else. There are numerous well-known yoga retreat spots in Costa Rica that are just waiting to be explored. 

One of the most well-loved destinations is Nosara, which is renowned for its top-notch yoga retreats. Numerous people have been inspired by the prominent surf and yoga cultures of Nosara. Another popular location for yoga retreats in Costa Rica is Guanacaste, hosting multiple retreats at reasonable prices. The stunning sights will detox your mind and help you start your self-exploration journey.

Best Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica – yoga retreats in Costa RicaDuration

Most retreats last between three and ten days. Some yoga retreats are only offered during certain times of the year, and they get more expensive the longer you stay. Think about why you’re taking this vacation. Are you looking for a short, 3-day break to disconnect from work or are you looking for a longer, more immersive trip? It all depends on your needs. Make sure to set aside some time to discover all the top spots to visit in Costa Rica because you’ll want to tour parts of the beautiful country as well.

Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica – Pricing

Each yoga retreat comes with all of your meals, activities, lodging, and other facilities included in the price. This can include three freshly prepared, locally sourced meals each day (there are many vegan yoga retreats in Costa Rica).

The amount of nights you are expected to stay in lodging includes amenities like electricity, modern bathrooms, and rooms with unmatched breathtaking views.

While we take electricity for granted in our own nations, you will be paying for its convenience here because it is fairly expensive for people in Costa Rica. All this can add up to a hefty price tag on your trip, but it’s well worth it.

Man and woman doing yoga exercises in an enchanting spot for yoga retreats in Costa Rica

Best Options For a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica.

1. Detox Retreat in in Alajuela for Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Price: $1,349 per person

Location: Alajuela

Duration: 10 days

Guests at the Essence Arenal Boutique Hotel will have their own personal bedroom and bathroom. Additionally, they will be able to take pleasure in the sights of the Arenal Lake, Arenal Volcano, and El Castillo Valley that surround the hostel. With daily 75 minute yoga classes, including General Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga, visitors can expect tranquility and peace while overlooking gorgeous natural sights. This retreat also offers Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Vegan dieting options. Other amenities include unlimited access to the pool, a sauna, and a Jacuzzi.

2. Nervous System Reset: Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork Retreat in Nosara

Price: $1,050 per person

Location: Nosara

Duration: 7 Days

Daily yoga and breathwork sessions in a serene, nature-filled Ocean View shala. Journeying within is what this seven-day retreat is all about.

Learn about the electrifying ancient discipline of Kundalini Yoga and take part in Elemental Rhythm classes to feel the power of breathwork. Organize day trips to the beach and experience three delectable vegetarian meals a day. Suitable for all skill levels; from beginner to advanced.

Visitors will have the chance to snorkel in Playa San Juanillo’s deep waters and enjoy the sun during one of the included excursions. Other potential activities include horseback riding by the river or beach, getting pampered at the spa with a massage, participating in therapeutic rituals, going on an ATV waterfall tour, and getting acupuncture.

3. Reset, Play, and Nourish Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica for Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Price: $2,586 per person

Location: Guanacaste

Duration: 7 Days

If you want to explore your adventurous side while surfing, eating fantastic, healthy cuisine, and going deeper, or if you want to study yoga, meditation, and breathing to help you feel calm, peaceful, and in balance with your life, then this program is especially made for you. Includes 5 day yoga lessons, Pranayama and meditation, 3 gourmet, nutrient-dense meals every day meant to energize and cleanse, and is suitable for all levels.  

4. Yoga, Wellness, Nature, and Adventure in Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Price: $950 per person

Discover the ideal fusion of yoga, hot springs atop a volcano, waterfalls, azure rivers, adventure, and nature. Enjoy the hot springs, clear rivers, and diverse wildlife of Costa Rica as you hike along the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano’s slopes. Includes Spanish and English instructions for all visitors.

Any yoga retreat will look fantastic in this yoga shala. There is no better place to take a deep breath than a space with hardwood floors, beautiful views, cutting-edge music systems, and your choice of inventive Manduka mats and decorations.

Swim, soak, and cool down in Rio Azul’s river, three hot springs pools, and two freshwater pools. A hummingbird sanctuary, fish, turtle, and alligator ponds, as well as botanical gardens with over 700 different varieties, are all nearby. Visit the butterfly gardens, indulge in a spa treatment, relax in a natural mud bath or sauna, work out in the gym, and more. There’s even free WiFi!

5. Revitalize & Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat in Tamarindo 

Price: $745 per person

Location: Tamarindo

Duration: 5 Days

In Tamarindo, you will rejuvenate and balance your mind, body, and spirit. Practice daily yoga and meditation while taking in the pleasant weather and the stunning views of the valley. All year long, the magnificent infinity pool is the ideal temperature, and the restaurant serves some of Costa Rica’s best cuisine, including local and international vegetarian specialties.

This retreat is the perfect setting for disconnecting from technology, slowing down a fast pace, and reconnecting with nature. If you want to shop, visitors can stop by for a fun shopping trip and a glimpse into Tamarindo’s everyday life. Three meditation sessions are included in the trip in addition to the daily yoga sessions. The more daring yogis can pay a little extra to go horseback riding, ziplining, surfing, or stand-up paddling.

6. Volcano Hot Springs Eco-Resort Retreat in Liberia

Price: $900 per person

Location: Liberia

Duration: 5 Days

The Volcano Hot Springs Yoga Center at the Blue River Hotel is the venue for this 5-day retreat; afantastic location to experience Costa Rica’s vibrant surroundings. The award-winning Blue River Hotel is a family-friendly eco-resort that combines luxury and nature in breathtaking settings.

Visitors to this yoga retreat will engage in hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga exercises that are appropriate for all skill levels. The grandeur of nature is used as a means of fostering a spiritual connection.

During this yoga retreat in Costa Rica, visitors will discover and encounter the most aesthetically magnificent settings. Among the incredible locations visitors will be able to integrate into their daily practises are the tropical jungle, the smoking volcanic crater, and majestic waterfalls.

Daily yoga classes, free excursions, guided nature walks, airport pickup, and airport drop-off are all included in this yoga retreat.

7. Sovereign Luxury Retreat For Women in Puerto Viejo for Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Price: $3,600

Location: Puerto Viejo

Duration: 9 Days

This nine-day women’s-only yoga retreat reveals your authentic and ancient spirit essence by connecting fellow yogi sisters with nature.

Yoga, meditation workshops, somatic therapy, self-inquiry activities, self-love and spiritual practices, movement in nature, and other activities are all part of this retreat.

There are numerous chances to become fully immersed in the vibrant Costa Rican surroundings. These chances provide a roadmap for achieving genuine healing and connecting with like-minded others to explore your inner self.

The Bottom Line

Costa Rica is a gold mine of stunning scenery and immersive yoga retreats designed to help you get back in touch with yourself. Many options are available, from 3-day to month long trips depending on your preference. Are you ready to embark on a brand new spiritual journey?


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