What to Pack For Retreats (Yoga, Wellness, Nature)

When the humdrum of work-life becomes too much of a burden, it’s time to reset your body and mind and try a wellness retreat. Wellness retreats are becoming more and more popular in our day and age, and there’s no shortage of places and experiences to choose from. But what about your packing list? Read on to find out how to prepare and pack for yoga, wellness, and nature retreats.

What are Retreats?

Simply put, a wellness retreat is any trip you take to spend time away from the practicalities of daily life and reconnect with nature, while often partaking in outdoor activities. Retreats run the game and for good reason, retreaters swear by the lasting benefits and transformative power wellness travel has to offer. Retreats have become increasingly popular in recent years for the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits they offer.

2 People doing yoga in one of the best retreatsWellness retreats provide an opportunity to relax and dive back into nature while engaging in activities like fitness classes or yoga that can help reduce stress, improve focus and sleep, and increase overall well-being. Retreats are also an excellent opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and learn from experts in the wellness field. Ultimately, retreats provide an experience of self-reflection and growth that can be transformative.

Whether you’re going on a general wellness retreat, a yoga retreat, or a nature retreat, the packing lists below will help you mentally and physically prepare for your wellness retreat ahead.

Preparing Mentally For Retreats

Perhaps more important than preparing physically is entering your retreat with an open mind and a positive attitude. Being mindful of your activities will make all the difference and help extend the benefits of your stay. Mindfulness is an important concept in yoga.

It’s often recommended that you take a digital detox during your retreat. Unwinding from the stress of social media is an important step that is often overlooked.

What to Pack for Retreats?

Other than an open mind and a prepared attitude, there’s little to bring to wellness retreats. It’s often better to under-pack than to over-pack when it comes to retreats. Make sure you’ve done the basics, like informing your loved ones you’re going to be taking a trip and won’t be easy to reach. Make a separate checklist for essentials such as your passport, ID, credit cards, etc. You’ll want to bring the following on all your retreats:


Your passport, credit card, ID, headphones- and any kind of important documents should be set aside at all times.

Comfortable Clothing

During all kinds of retreats, comfortable clothing is an absolute must. This is not the time for flashy attire; rather, it is the moment to be comfortable on the outside so that you may focus on growing on the inside. Make sure to bring multiple outfits depending on what retreat you’re going to- if you’ve opted for a beach vacation, bring two swimsuits. A few different pairs of shoes is going to be an essential- you’re going to be partaking in many different physical activities. Don’t forget to add layers if you’re traveling in cold weather, as well as your scarf and hat.

Reusable Water Bottle

You should constantly stay hydrated, especially if you are flying or will be at altitude. Keeping hydrated helps boost your energy and keeps your mind fresh. Avoid buying multiple plastic water bottles and use your own reusable ones instead.

Toiletries and Medications

Don’t forget anything important you might be taking- be it your daily multivitamin or medication. Remember your toothbrush and a few towels, as well as some hair care and skincare. Remember, don’t overdo it.

Journal, pen, and pencil

Retreats are ideal for reflection, and keeping a guided journal is a terrific method to do so. Jot down your feelings and thoughts so you can remember your trip in more detail. This will also help you become more mindful.

An open mind

Remember to pack mentally. Entering your retreat with a mindful view and a positive attitude can make a huge difference.

What to Pack for Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are becoming fundamental in wellness retreats. More and more retreats are becoming popular every day, thanks to yoga’s numerous benefits to both mental and physical health. A yoga retreat can be a transformative journey with long-lasting benefits. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need for your yoga retreat:

    • 2-3 legging options

    • 3-4 shirt options

    • Sports bras

    • Yoga matt

    • Props (dumbbells, weight resistance bands, etc.)

    • Running shoes

Group doing yoga in one of the top retreats

What to Pack for Wellness Retreats

A time to be truly pampered- packing for wellness retreats can seem intimidating but you want to focus on the essentials, all in all. Don’t clutter up with too many cosmetics and instead let professionals work their magic on you.

If it takes place in a spa or hotel, be sure you pack:

    • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

    • Crystals and other relics

    • Your favorite body oil/massage cream

What to Pack for a Nature Retreat

If you’re going on a nature retreat, make sure you bring a good pair of trainers or walking boots with you to keep you comfortable at all times. There’s nothing worse than going on a hike only to discover that your shoes aren’t waterproof, so make sure they’re dry and comfortable before you go.

If your retreat is based in a more natural setting, like the mountains, don’t forget:

    • Breathable attire

    • Comfortable shoes

    • Backpack

    • Sun hat

    • Insect repellent

You don’t want to ruin the essence of your trip by over-packing and bringing along too much unnecessary equipment, such as:

    • Too much makeup/toiletries

    • Electronics

    • Too many clothes

The Bottom Line

Wellness retreats have seen a rise in popularity recently thanks to their many benefits and transformational power. It’s often better to under-pack than over-pack in these situations. Now that you know what to bring along, all that’s left is to take that last step and embark on your journey!


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