Greatest 11 Retreats in Costa Rica

Greatest 11 Retreats in Costa Rica

Do you want to rejuvenate and heal your mind, body, and soul? Retreats in Costa Rica are your best solution. Costa Rica is home to one of the world's five blue zones. It is well known for its amazing and mind-blowing natural beauty. With Costa Rica’s stunning nature and peaceful atmosphere, it is a great place for meditation and retreats. 

Most people from all over the world search for a calm place that is surrounded by nature to enjoy a peaceful time. These types of places give them the opportunity to strengthen their bond with nature and reconnect with their inner selves. With Costa Rica’s natural beauty and amazing atmosphere, there are plenty of retreats to suit any traveler. In this article, we will provide you with the top 15 retreats in Costa Rica to find the best that matches your needs and desires. 

Top 11 Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

Green Trees Near Blue Sea

11. Lapazul Retreat Center

Lapazul Retreat Center is an amazing wellness retreat located in Savegre de Aguirre. At Lapazul Retreat Center, you can enjoy swimming in the infinity pool, meditating, practicing yoga in the open air, and even having a relaxing massage. This wellness retreat offers a wide range of activities such as cooking classes, tropical fruit tastings, Spanish lessons, and more while eating fresh and nutritious meals. With an amazing view and splendid services, travelers will have the opportunity to nurture their connection with nature and their inner selves.

10. Blue Spirit Retreat

Blue Spirit Retreat in Nosara is one of the best retreat centers in Costa Rica. It provides plenty of retreats to fit every client's needs and requirements such as yoga retreats and meditation retreats.

They provide a fascinating atmosphere for their clients who want to promote wellness and achieve personal growth, environmental sustainability, and spiritual transformation.

Blue Spirit offers vegetarian cuisine, a salt-water infinity pool, a holistic spa and longevity services, and more services to their clients that suit all needs and budgets. They provide an outstanding opportunity to relax, meditate, and release stress while being surrounded by nature. 

9. Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat is located in the serene rainforest on the peaceful Caribbean side of the country. Being surrounded by nature will promote wellness, boost immunity, reduce stress, and enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat is ideal for meditation, silent retreats, yoga, having an adventure, reconnecting with the inner self, strengthening your relationship with nature, and more as they provide massage treatments, daily yoga classes, a hot tub, a meditation hall, and plenty of services.

With this retreat’s area, you can enjoy some exciting activities such as horseback rides, visiting animal rescue centers, hiking, visiting indigenous tribal lands, and more. 

8. Hacienda Barrigona

If you are searching for an isolated place surrounded by nature, Hacienda Barrigona is your ideal choice. Hacienda Barrigona is located 30 minutes from the town of Nosara, within the province of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula which is considered one of the world’s Blue Zones.

This amazing place is surrounded by lush jungle and the secluded Barrigona Beach which makes it an ideal destination for retreats. Residents in this area tend to exceed 100 years because of their way of living, natural surroundings, and natural resources like their water sources are rich with magnesium and calcium. 

Hacienda Barrigona is the best destination to detach everything behind and enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. In this retreat, you will rest, meditate, and have a wonderful adventure by participating in plenty of activities.

You will have the ability to participate in various activities such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, canopy tours, hiking, fishing, mangrove paddleboarding, and more amazing activities. If you are looking for a retreat that combines peacefulness and adventure, Hacienda Barrigona is what you are looking for. 

7. Seven-Day Transforming Yoga & Cancer Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

7-Day Transforming Yoga & Cancer Wellness Retreat is one of the best retreats in Costa Rica. It is located in Alquimia Healing Arts, San Carlos, Costa Rica. This retreat is surrounded by various natural beauty such as rivers, jungles, and natural streams that give it a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The purpose of this retreat is what makes it very special. This retreat is for female patients who suffer from cancer and are searching for a way to relax and reconnect with their inner selves. 

This retreat is a self-empowerment women's retreat in Costa Rica with the aim to aid patients with their journey. In this retreat, you will have daily Kriya Vinyasa yoga practice, meditation classes, plenty of workshops, visit herbal medicine forests, and delicious organic homemade food that suits your needs. This retreat will provide travelers with hope and enlightenment while promoting their wellness, and spiritual, physical, and mental health.

The Retreat Costa Rica

6. The Retreat Costa Rica

The Retreat Costa Rica is a luxury wellness center nestled on a quartz crystal mountain with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The Retreat Costa Rica is a crystal mountain wellness resort, healing center, and spa that is ideal for meditation and relaxation.

This retreat’s an amazing location and environment that will nourish your mind, body, and soul while having the opportunity to explore nature and find your true self. The Retreat Costa Rica offers elegant rooms, plenty of wellness packages, speakers and spiritual practices, fitness groups, fresh and organic meals, and more for their dear clients.

This retreat combines relaxation, peacefulness, elegance, and luxury in one place. 

5. Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas

Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas is located on the hilltop above Las Catalinas where crystal waters and tropical greens collide. This place is surrounded by the Pacific, mind-blowing natural beauty, and an amazing atmosphere that makes it an ideal destination for retreats. This retreat will offer you a wide range of services such as massages, yoga sessions, meditation sessions, fitness classes, and treatment programs to ensure their guests' satisfaction. 

Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas offers various exciting activities for its travelers. You will be surrounded by amazing water to enjoy swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, diving, snorkeling, and more. You can also enjoy other activities such as zip lines, hiking, biking, birdwatching, and horseback riding. With these amazing activities and outstanding services, you will definitely have a memorable getaway. 

4. Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center

Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center is Costa Rica's rejuvenating yoga eco-retreat and wellness center. If you are searching for the perfect place to relax and nurture your connection with your inner self and nature, this center is ideal for you.

It is an all-inclusive holistic health resort and yoga retreat where you can release stress and strengthen your relationship with nature. You will be provided with retreat packages, meditation classes, massages, mind/body sessions, herbal and nutritional consultations by professional wellness therapists, delicious healthy food, and more according to your reservation.

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3. 11-Day Fall into Nature: Women's Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica<

11-Day Fall into Nature: Women's Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica is a great way to indulge in the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica. With this retreat, you will be surrounded by beautiful rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, and hot springs. This is the ideal destination to relax and get back in touch with nature.

You will enjoy delicious meals, practicing yoga, meditation, sound healing, fire ceremony, and workshops with plenty of activities such as horseback riding and hiking. With this retreat, you will connect with nature, find companionship, enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual health, and relax while exploring beautiful Costa Rica.

Anamaya Resort Costa Rica

2. Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center

Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center is a boutique retreat center and transformational health resort. It is located in Montezuma, Costa Rica which is famous for being one of the most glorious beach towns in the world.

This retreat center gives its clients the chance to discover their true selves and reunite with nature by providing a peaceful atmosphere. You will be provided with yoga sessions, yoga teacher training, luxurious spa services, excursions, specialized workshops, organic fresh meals, and more. With these amazing services, you will be able to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health while promoting wellness. 

1. Finca Luna Nueva Lodge for Retreats in Costa Rica

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is a rainforest lodge and educational center that provide its clients with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while enjoying a great adventure. All rooms come with wonderful views of the farm or rainforest that provide guests with calming and relaxing atmosphere. This retreat offers high-quality services such as red clay massages, Swedish massages, bamboo therapy, chocolate therapy, and more.

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge also offers yoga and wellness retreats for all clients to refresh their energy and find peace and quiet to discover their inner selves.

You can enjoy a wide range of fun and exciting activities and tours such as white water rafting classes, chocolate tour, pedal board on lake Arenal, farm tour, quetzals in the cloud forest, tropical birding tour, herbal medicine workshop, rainforest mystery tour, milk a cow, and more amazing activities.

With these exciting activities, you will have the opportunity to meditate and reconnect with nature while enjoying a wonderful time. 


Costa Rica is a dream destination for those seeking a transformative wellness retreat experience. From the tranquil beaches to the lush jungles, the country's natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery.

Retreat Compass is a website dedicated to helping individuals find the perfect wellness retreat, and they highlight some of the top wellness retreats in Costa Rica, including Lapazul Retreat Center, Blue Spirit Retreat, Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat, Hacienda Barrigona, Seven-Day Transforming Yoga & Cancer Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica, The Retreat Costa Rica, and more.

Each of these retreats offers unique experiences, including yoga and meditation classes, healthy cuisine, detox programs, spa treatments, and eco-adventures. The retreats also offer an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from experienced practitioners.

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