Top 15 Wellness Retreats in Arizona to Unwind

Arizona is well-known for many things, including its stunning scenery and rich history. It's also famous for its cacti and sun-drenched desert scenery. All of them, as well as the state's more contemporary attractions such as retail malls, theme parks, and golf courses, are available to visitors to Arizona. Read on to find the best wellness retreats in Arizona.

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Top 15 Wellness Retreats in Arizona

Waterfall in Arizona, USA

15. The Savanna Hermitage Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

The Savanna Hermitage is a tiny, quiet eco-retreat built especially for meditation, qigong, and yoga practitioners seeking to focus and enhance their practice in seclusion.

The primary focus is on adopting a meditative way of life that elevates one's consciousness. Various forms of meditation and practices that promote higher consciousness, such as zen, awareness, vipassana, transcendental, qigong, and yoga, are embraced. Guests are urged to engage in different forms of higher consciousness practices, including sitting, lying down, walking/hiking, movement meditation, qigong, yoga, and others, for a minimum of 2-3 hours daily. The practice and routine are mostly self-directed, and individuals are expected to engage in solo sessions.

Hills in Sedona is an amazing spot for wellness retreats in Arizona

14. Women’s Only Transforming Spiritual Attunement Retreat

Come and experience Sedona's magnificent beauty, towering red rocks, stunning views, and mystical healing Vortex energy.

Join this retreat for a transforming experience and spiritual attunement, raising your vibration, releasing stagnation, experiencing high frequency, participating in life-enriching courses and discussions, and completely relaxing during our sound healing immersions. This retreat is just for women.

Stunning wellness retreats in Arizona

13. Mother's Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Enjoy Mother's Day weekend by escaping to a unique desert paradise with stunning and quiet views of the sunrise mountain that borders this property, as well as access to over 300 acres of hiking trails and desert splendor.

This yoga, meditation, and hiking healing retreat is all about unplugging and resetting, taking time to reconnect with your true self.

Hills in Sedona, Arizona

12. Sacred Yoga and Hiking Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

Join this retreat for a fascinating experience in Sedona's heart and energy-healing vortexes.

Healing yoga, magnificent hikes, vortex visits, local sacred places, premium lodgings, wholesome lunches, coffee, tea, van shuttle from Phoenix (if you arrive before 11:00 a.m.), shuttle back to Phoenix (if you fly out no sooner than 2 p.m.), and rides to all hikes and sites are all included.

Men hiking in one of the best wellness retreats in Arizona

11. Transform Men's Retreat in Sedona for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

You'll be tested physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Are you ready to advance? Register for Daniel Posney's 6-day personal growth, spiritual attunement, and consciousness shift. You'll delve further into your core beliefs and cement the processes for healing and developing a mindful partnership.

Every day begins with energy-balancing qigong, mild yoga, and deep meditation, followed by lessons challenging us to be in the highest consciousness and self-love. Past stories and bad beliefs will be confronted and dispelled. This retreat is for men only.

Women’s cooking class in one of the top-rated wellness retreats in Arizona

10. Conscious Healers: Women's Spiritual Retreat

Prior to their arrival, all enrolled retreat attendees will meet in this exclusive group. The purpose of this group is to learn how to actively create connections over time in order to re-learn how to trust ourselves and others. Your Retreat Host will organize an online pre-departure meet and greet via Zoom one week before departure to answer any last-minute questions you may have before arriving.

Sedona is a enchanting place for wellness retreats in Arizona

9. "The Magic of Sedona" Adventure Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

During this retreat, you will spend time outdoors doing various things ranging from healing to hiking to previous life regression and more. You won't be hiking far, but you should be able to walk at least two kilometers comfortably. This retreat will have an intimate group size of only 8 persons.

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Women practicing yoga outdoors in one of the top wellness retreats in Arizona

8. Warrior Goddess Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

You need to experience this retreat if you want to reconnect with your divine feminine energy, whether you've "lost" it somewhere along the line, wish to increase it, or simply experience what it's like to be a warrior goddess.

This retreat was designed for women of all ages and origins who are ready to let go of the conditioning that keeps us from pursuing our intuition and accomplishing our dreams with power, courage, fierceness, patience, and compassion.

Group hiking in one of the best wellness retreats in Arizona

7. Unwind & Rewild Women's Retreat

Another women-only retreat, join Retreats and More in Sedona for a small-group, fun, and energetically energizing women's health retreat where you can reconnect, relax, and increase your personal vibration. You'll soak up the sun, bathe in the moonlight, and pamper yourself till the day is done! All levels of ability are welcome.

Group yoga class outdoors

6. Satsang House Sedona Meditation Retreat

Satsang House Sedona Meditation Retreat will assist you in rediscovering meaning and purpose as you dig into self-care practices, develop new healthy lifelong habits, and connect with a like-minded group to bring out the best in you. Absorb yourself in a unique retreat that integrates ancient practices and teachings into your daily life, improving both your life and you.

Sedona, Arizona

5. Oneness Journey Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

This Sedona spiritual retreat experience is particularly developed for no more than 10 individuals and is exclusively centered on excursions to select sacred spots throughout the Sedona area. This group retreat is a whole different kind of retreat experience, combining space for group connection to nature, instruction of spiritual practices, sharing of individual tales and experiences, and energy healing activities.

Dolphins in Sedona, Arizona

4. Dolphins in the Desert Spiritual Retreat

Interact with Spiritual Dolphins in Sedona, Arizona. If you want to swim with dolphins but are frightened of the ocean, get seasick, or don't know how this retreat is for you.

Excellent swimmers are also welcome! This retreat will focus on connecting with dolphins on a deep spiritual level, which will be simple because you will be surrounded by all of the tremendous vortex energy that surrounds Sedona.

Northern Arizona

3. Yoga, Hiking & Healing Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Arizona

Yoga, mindfulness, walking, discovery, ceremony, healing, and togetherness for 5 days! In August, Northern Arizona is a great location to be, with perfect weather at our home base height of 7000 feet! On this retreat, we seek to foster community and don't take ourselves too seriously. Start preparing to be vulnerable, to laugh, to open up, and to make friends for life!

Mountains in Arizona, USA

2. Private Wellness Retreat in Page-Lake Powell

Join Monumental Meditation for a thoughtful journey through America's Grand Southwest's magnificent heart and soul! Weekend adventure wellness retreats in the natural world focus on discovering balance and connection, self-love, and healing. Time spent in nature has been shown in studies to help us relax, hence reducing stress. Wonderful daily hikes will lead you to remote spots for peaceful exploration and introspection.

Luxury retreat in Arizona

1. Luxury Retreat: Yoga, Hiking & Breath Work

This Retreat will get you to discover the magic of breath practice. Improve your asana practice. Walk across a breathtaking environment that has been dubbed the "most beautiful spot on Earth." Discover how to relieve stress, relax the mind, and live completely in the now.

When you connect with an engaged group of similar individuals, you will feel the support of the community. Enjoy a delicious daily breakfast and lunch at the hotel, as well as a treatment in the spa.

The Bottom Line

Dubbed one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Arizona is a beautiful state with lush forests, stunning mountains, and exciting wildlife. It’s the perfect place for a retreat to help you get back in touch with nature. We’ve listed the top wellness retreats in Arizona for your convenience.

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