Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Iceland

Iceland is most known for its untamed scenery and terrain. The top attractions on the list include the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. In this article, we’ll list the top 10 yoga retreats in Iceland.

Northern Lights, Iceland

10. Transformational Summer Solstice Retreat

This retreat begins in Iceland during the potent summer solstice, where you can enjoy the midnight sun and year-round sunshine.

You'll be making an investment to spiritually and energetically recharge your body and soul. Through this retreat, you will be able to strengthen your relationship with the divine and yourself, access the healing energy that surrounds you and within you, and become more aware of the transforming impact of affection, light, and serenity.

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Woman swimming in the sea in one of the best yoga retreats in Iceland

9. Women’s Nature, Spa, and Wellness Adventure for Yoga Retreats in Iceland

In this retreat, you’ll experience five magnificent days in Iceland. Every morning throughout this wellness retreat, there will be an opportunity to develop or refresh your yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork routines. Consume nutritious foods and educate yourself on nutrition and healthy living. Discover the four basic elements of nature—earth, air, fire, and water—in their most pure forms.

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Group doing yoga at sunset in one of the top-rated yoga retreats in Iceland

8. Yoga & Hike Midnight Sun Retreat

Discover and experience the awe of Icelandic nature at this retreat, and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the midnight sun. In Iceland, you can practice yoga under the sun. Explore and experience the strength of Icelandic nature in the summer and allow the beauty of the midnight sun to charm you.

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Iceland waterfall

7. Autumn Yoga & Hiking Retreat for Yoga Retreats in Iceland

Colors of flora, the crisp air, and the lushness of exotic berries all delight the senses during this retreat in autumn. See enchanted Iceland while on a retreat that includes yoga, hiking, and the outdoors. A superb opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of rural Icelandic life, and with any luck, you'll get to see the first autumnal display of the Northern Lights.

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Women practicing Yoga in a splendid spot for yoga retreats in Iceland

6. Midnight Sun Golden Circle Yoga Retreat

On this retreat, experience Iceland's midnight sun. The summertime occurrence known as the "midnight sun" happens when the sun is out continuously during the entire day. Particularly in July, this has a profound impact on Iceland's daylight hours, making for a bizarre experience that shouldn't be missed. Plan to do some yoga in this beautiful environment at night.

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Grafningsheppur, Iceland

5. Healing Journey & Relaxing Spiritual Retreat

Join this retreat for a transformative weekend retreat that combines the healing effects of music, ecology, faith, and meditation to create harmony and balance in your body, mind, and soul. This program offers a wide range of included activities, from voice therapy and meditation to beautiful tours and delectable meals.

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Scenery in Iceland

6. TravelYogi’s Iceland Retreat

Your breath will certainly be taken away by this yoga retreat in Iceland. This island is alive, from the active volcanoes that continue to shape it to the bustle of Reykjavik. See Iceland's waterfalls and geysers, taste your way around the capital, relax in the south surrounded by Icelandic horses, experience its otherworldly landscape, and unwind in the Blue Lagoon on this yoga retreat.

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

5. The Land of Fire and Ice Retreat for Yoga Retreats in Iceland

This amazing retreat will takeyou from the Blue Lagoon's geothermal therapeutic waters to the capital city of Reykjavik, the iconic Golden Circle loop, and the unforgettable Vatnajökull Glacier. During this genuinely epic Icelandic vacation, take pleasure in daily spiritual yoga sessions, breathtaking scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and much more.

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Rainbow in Iceland

4. Yoga Retreat in Iceland with Sagrada

This incredible yoga retreat is available through Sagrada Wellness in stunning Iceland. The renowned Sagrada retreat, hosted by Scott and Eva and conducted by Nicole Currie, will take place in Iceland's magnificent Golden Circle. 360-degree views of the natural environment are available from the grounds. At one of the finest places on Earth, quiet your mind. As soon as it gets dark, grab your new acquaintances and go outdoors to see the renowned Northern Lights.

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Campfire in Iceland for stunning yoga retreats in Iceland

3. Birkihof’s Iceland Retreat

This southern spiritual retreat in Iceland is one of the easier to reach. Private cottages, a sweat lodge, and a swimming pool are among the amenities that may accommodate up to 18 visitors. You can check the calendar of the several organizations and yoga instructors who run this retreat facility to choose one that works for you.

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland for unmatchable yoga retreats in Iceland

2. Radiate from Within with Dr. Cass Naumann for Yoga Retreats in Iceland

Come on a wonderful retreat to North Iceland with Dr. Cass Naumann. The country of fire and ice, which is only a few degrees from the Arctic Circle, provides the ideal setting for recharging, resetting, and recalibrating with the energies of the primordial earth and geothermal waters.

You will experience all of Iceland's beauty and sweetness by making the most of the energy conversion of the environment and QiGong. You will explore all of your senses as you investigate what feeds and nurtures your body, mind, and spirit.

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Scenery in Iceland for unforgettable yoga retreats in Iceland

1. The Ashram July & August Retreat

In the summer months of July and August, a group from California hosts this annual seasonal retreat. As a result, The Ashram focuses on escaping the throngs that are typically present in Iceland throughout the summer. There are wonderful hikes to be taken through lush pastures and high mountains hidden away in the eastern Alps.

The building itself is decorated in a simple Nordic design. A former farm that has been transformed into a magnificent hotel and retreat facility, it offers outstanding hot tubs and saunas in addition to serving all visitors healthy meals.

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The Bottom Line

Iceland is becoming more and more popular every day for yogis, retreat fanatics, and travel in general. Thanks to many natural phenomena, such as the midnight sun and Northern Lights, Iceland is attracting more visitors each year due to its stunning scenery. We’ve compiled the best 10 yoga retreats in Iceland so you can make an informed decision before traveling.

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