Best 15 Wellness Retreats in Virginia to Explore

Virginia is a place of calm where rejuvenation comes with tranquility. For a calming escape for your mind, body, and spirit, Virginia has many wellness retreats that will give a balanced mixture of peace and self-realization. In this article, we’ll go through the top wellness retreats in the Old Dominion state.

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Top 15 Wellness Retreats in Virginia

15. Blissful Heights Retreat

The transformative experience that is Blissful Heights Retreat sits in the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This yoga retreat in Virginia will provide you an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, with sunrise yoga sessions coupled with meditations in nature and personal wellness workshops. Treat yourself with organic foods, therapeutic massages, and scenic hiking with the aim of achieving complete wellness.

14. Serenity Springs Wellness Retreat

To Serenity Springs Wellness Retreat, enjoy the quietness of blowing leaves and gentle water streams. Mindfulness practices are a core focus of this retreat, offering guided meditation, mindfulness workshops, and nature walks. The guests relax in the luxe surroundings and go for a spa treatment making it a perfect retreat.

13. Tranquil Waters Yoga Retreat

Take a dip into the peaceful waters of Tranquil Waters Yoga Retreat. The retreat provides daily yoga classes, breathing exercises, and therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments. It is a sanctuary for yoga devotees as well as people who pursue holistic health with vegetarian food and a comforting atmosphere.

12. Forest Haven Wellness Retreat

Get comfort within the bosom of Virginia forested areas on forest haven wellness retreat. The major focus in these centers is on holistic healing which includes acupuncture and sound healing sessions among others. Workshops on sustainable living can be held for guests, who will be taught how to live well for themselves and the environment. Go for nature trails and take a bath in the outdoor hot springs.

11. Harmony Hills Wellness Retreat

Shenandoah Valley, where Harmony Hills Wellness Retreat is set up offers a harmonized mix of wellness exercises. They include daily yoga and tai chi lessons, therapeutic massages, and nutritional and wellness workshops. The ambience is very calm and the specialists there are very helpful hence it becomes a perfect place to visit for people seeking well-being.

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10. Riverside Renewal Retreat for Wellness Retreats in Virginia

Riverside Renewal Retreat, offering a pathway to wellness situated along the scenic James River. Join riverfront yoga, holistic nutrition workshops and meditation in nature. There is natural, clean eating available, as well as wholesome experience, which helps the guest connect with nature and detox.

9. Mountain Serenity Retreat 

The mountain retreat is perched on the Appalachian Mountains allowing for a self-discovery place. This retreat focuses on mindfulness meditation,  mindfulness body awareness exercises, labyrinth walks, and transformative workshops. Visitors will get to enjoy organic food, soak in the outdoor hot tubs, and stargaze amidst the peace of the mountains.


8. Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg

Set amid the environs of Virginia’s wine country, the salamander resort, and spa are an island of luxury and calmness. This retreat offers a world-class spa with rejuvenating beauty treatments, fitness classes, and mindfulness meditation sessions for holistic wellness. The visitors can also consume organic food and ride on a horse within the picturesque beauty of Middleburg.

7. Yogaville, Buckingham for Wellness Retreats in Virginia

Yogaville is the place to go in case you are looking for a spiritual retreat. The ashram was founded by Swami Satchidananda. It is a place where people visit for yoga and meditation so that they can discover peace and find themselves. Yoga enthusiasts and meditators will find a serene environment in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Yogaville.

6. The Clifton, Charlottesville

The Clifton is a wellness retreat set in a former country inn that provides relaxation and recreation all rolled into one package. The spa is luxurious, and there are yoga sessions that guests can also relax in and enjoy farm-to-table meals. The retreat presents serenity that provides wellness oriented activities thereby bestowing the ideal getaway one needs.

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5. The Martha Washington Inn & Spa, Abingdon

The Martha Washington Inn and Spa will let you experience the allure of Southern hospitality. This is a retreat that blends elegance and modern spa. In the spa, guests will have time for massages, facials, and body treatments and can proceed to the gardens for strolls. The holistic approach applied in the retreat guarantees regeneration.

4. Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan for Wellness Retreats in Virginia

This nature-friendly wellness retreat is located at Primland Resort in Blue Ridge Mountains. Outdoor activities like hiking, stargazing, and spa treatment enable guests to explore nature at best. Wellness seekers have a unique option in the retreat’s eco friendly atmosphere and awesome views.

3. Boar’s Head Resort, Charlottesville

Wellness seekers can have a peaceful stay at Boar’s Head Resort nestled in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains. The resort offers activities like outdoor yoga, directed meditation, and spa procedures prepared with natural products. Guests can also enjoy nature trails and eat health-friendly organic delicacies that give them a full package experience.

2. The Homestead, Hot Springs for Wellness Retreats in Virginia

Description: The Homestead has been existing since 1766 and this is one of the oldest spas in America. The resort offers numerous wellness activities, including mineral springs, spas, yoga, and outdoor adventures. They can de-stress amidst the historical atmosphere and recharge mentally and physically.

1. Healing Water Spa, Harrisonburg for Wellness Retreats in Virginia

Get away to Healing Water Spa, a hidden treasure of the Shenandoah Valley. A specialized wellness retreat that employs hydrotherapy using mineral waters. Mineral baths, massages and re-vitalizing spa therapies which are meant for relaxation and vitality are enjoyed by visitors. This is among the places to visit for a relaxing environment and customized treatments as part of the retreat.

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Located at the core of Virginia’s peaceful sceneries, these wellness retreats present a new beginning into better health. Every retreat offers a different path to rejuvenation and discovery, and it ranges from Healing Water Spa’s mineral waters to The Homestead’s historical charm. All you need in a holiday for relaxation, nature exploration or meditation can be found in Virginia’s yoga and wellness retreats.

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